Friday, January 9, 2009

Today is Day One!!!! and my honey got an A!!!

So I stayed in bed late this morning, not having to go to work and called the RE's office at 11.30am with my questions. The nurse said that as far as she was concerned I was ready to come in for an Ultrasound if I had had spotting. Could I come in NOW? Yes, with greasy hair, the dogs not walked, snow on the ground, my car parked in a snowdrift 2 blocks away. Of course I can come in right now!
I am so glad I called. Sometimes I am so passive about these things I could kick myself (gently).
So I get there by 12.10pm and I can tell they are impressed!
By that time without warning AF is in full flood. Yikes!
So I get the other RE doing my ultrasound. For someone who has been at this over a year, I am a newbie to the high intervention stuff. This is only my second ultrasound - the first was a hysterosonogram. I don't know this doctor, although she seems nice from hearing her talking to the nurses. From reading their website I know she has 10 kids and deals with multiple pregnancy losses. Unlike the guy RE, who waffles out loud as he is doing the procedure, she does not say much to me, but I hear her saying to the nurse ( I think!) 4 on the left and 5 on the right. What does that mean?!!!!!
Then she gets up and leaves and tells me to get dressed and talk to the nurse. It happens so fast. So the nurse is drawing my blood and I say - so was the ultrasound okay? What were the results? And she says - I can't say whether they were good or bad, we are calling the RE ( my doctor) to get the go ahead on your meds. Then she comes back and says I should start the meds tomorrow as today is counted as Day 1. The head nurse asks me if I am excited and I say - I think so!
And then I pay my copay and leave. And get more and more excited as I drive home.
Whoop-dee - bleeding - do dah day - I am finally getting started on this bloomin IVF thing after all!!!
I treated myself to my last gingersnap latte for a while and went home.

Part 2.

Our mailman had been on vacation for a few weeks, and our mail had been sporadic.He is a mean old weasel and yells at me all the time if the dogs come anywhere near him, but I bravely accosted him and tell him we haven't been getting mail because I think the temporary mail man can't figure out that there is a latch inside the gate that you have to reach over and open as well as using the key. He explains that the other mail men are idiots and calls me darling and sweetheart!!! He must be having a really good day!
Then as I am getting stuff out of my car he comes up again to me and talks about the whole thing again and calls me honey or something like that. I almost fall over. Now, I still don't trust him and still think he is a weasel - maybe he had a lobotomy while he was away and now can't remember who he has yelled at before?!!
Anyhoo - I finally get the mail and there is the long awaited letter from my honey bunny's seminary - her results for the first two classes she just took and slogged her pretty way through while working full time. I call her excited and ask her if I can open it and the first thing I see is GPA = 4.0!!! I start yelling strings of expletives and funny made up words which is my hallmark when I am excited or frustrated - it's kind of a picturesque version of tourettes!
She got A's in both classes - including the one they had to learn 100s of facts by rote, a difficult feat for my sweet menapausal DP who has no thyroid. She did it, she did it!
We would have been happy with B's, but these A's mean so much. This is the beginning of both our parallel journeys - and midlife crises - hers to finally get her M Div. and be a minister, and mine to have a babbit! We keep reminding each other that we will figure out how to both at the same time. Neither of us can afford to wait around - we did that before!
Now we have to figure out how she can do clinical pastoral education while we have a newborn in November !!!!!
Keeping everything crossed!
Being very optimistic!
ta ta for now!


Mommy and Mamita said...

Congrats on getting started. I know this has been a long time coming. The numbers the RE was giving are you antral follicle counts -- the number of small follicles that you start out with before stimulation.

bleu said...


As for the numbers it is actual an antral follicle count, you can look it up for more info but it is a count of past follicles from the cycle that ended, it gives a good idea of how you will do next cycle.

tireegal68 said...

Thanks so much, smart people!
You rock!

KM said...

that's awesome that you all are getting started and doing a dual journey towards your dreams! Congrats to both of you and I hope that these good results are indicators of what's coming for you both :).