Monday, January 7, 2013

International Blog Delurking Week - Jan 6- 13, 2013

Thanks to Melissa from Stirrup Queens for inventing yet another blogging tradition and inviting us all to tag along.  It is fairly easy.  In the words of the blogstress herself:

"Leave a comment in the comment section below admitting that you’re here. You can simply raise your hand and meekly admit that you’re here with a simple, one-word “here” comment; or you can proudly raise your hand and tell us all a bit about yourself 

So this is it, you are up, peoples!
Okay, Cary, North Carolina, who are you?  I think I get more hits from this particular place than any other. I am intrigued. And all you readers from California and New York, who are you? And not forgetting my Canadian, Australian and other continented friends too.
Please let me know, I am interested and I would love to know who you are.
Thank you for reading and ( hopefully ) commenting. I am going to look like a real chump if no one responds but I am willing to put myself out there for the greater cause - the one that is "International Blog Delurking Week 2013".