Monday, January 26, 2009

day from hell... trying to decide...knackered!

Well, that day was a long one. The day I called in sick and then called my messages and figured out I could not be sick and today was just inappropriate to have a mental health day. Other people were having mental health issues and it was my job to deal with them. Or to supervise those dealing with them. I got home at around 9pm which is early for one of those crisis laden, many layered crazy days.
In between all this today I was on the phone to my insurance to make sure the second opinion was covered. It is! I just have to figure out where I am going for it.
I have been perusing the stats for my state and the different clinics that I could visit.
I am most interested in percentage of live births in my age range achieved with the women's own eggs. The numbers are not good at all - ranging from 0 - 12 %. Stats mess with my head - there are so many variables - # of live births per cycle, per retrieval, per transfer, etc etc.I am interested in meeting with a doctor who has had some success in my age range without using donor eggs, because this is my last ditch effort to figure out if I can use mine. Any RE can tell me about donor eggs and how easy that will be. So I am debating. The small friendly clinic that I picked has 0.000000% in my age group. So I am reconsidering going there and I think I will go for the clinic that is in the 12% range. Not that I am pinning my hopes on them, but I figure they must have some tricks up their sleeve.
So that's all for now.
The couch beckons.
ta ta for now:)


Anonymous said...

those statistics can be scary. i looked at the ones for my clinic, and now i wish i hadn't. that number is stuck in my head.

i think going with the 12% clinic is a good idea. "small and friendly" may not be the way to go when you need an agressive protocol. i mean, they should still be friendly to you, of course, but they need to have a no-nonsense approach with those ovaries!! :)

A said...

I agree...Go with the clinic that has had more success. You need a clinic that isn't going to mess around.

Good Luck!!

Mommy and Mamita said...

Go with whatever clinic has the best stats for your age group, but be sure to get a very clear and detailed explanation about under what circumstances they will cancel your cycle. Some clinics try to make their numbers look better by canceling the cycle if they think your chances of success don't seem good for one reason or another.

Unknown said...

I hear ya - any numbers make my head spin. Best of luck!