Monday, January 12, 2009

Day three and holding...

Apologies to any of you non IVF or TTC obsessed people out there ( I don't think there are many, are there? !!) but I am pre-occupied with the "test tube baby" project right now.

So DP and I sat down with my meds on Saturday am and slogged our way through the instructions, the syringes,the sticks ( almost put the wrong intramuscular needle on a subcutaneous shot): she shot me up and I got all impressed with her nursing skills.

Every few hours on Saturday, I would say, with excitement and expectation to DP - is it time for another injection yet?!!! I mean, the more injections, the nearer I am to my goal, right? I mean, why can't I take all the meds at once and get some big fat follicles quickly! Just kidding!

For you detail oriented readers here are the stats: 300mg follistim BID, 75 IU Menopur BID.

And now it's the end of day 3 and I am feeling like an old junkie ho!

Ultrasound is on Weds am and I will be asking questions. Any suggestions?
Prizes for the best ones...

thanks, peeps, for reading.


Anonymous said...

i read your post this morning and was going to comment on all the drugs you were taking (by saying that your doses are much higher than mine were and you are sure to get lots of eggs!), but then i read the request for questions and got intimidated :)

i've been trying to think of some good questions to suggest & can't come up with anything. at my IVF stimming ultrasounds, they told me each time how many follicles i had that were measuring more than and less than 10mm (apparently this is the size when they start having the potential to produce a viable egg). the number went up at each u/s, so don't be discouraged at your first one.

my RE wasn't able to give me a specific date for ER until my 4th ultrasound, though i was getting some general estimates.

wishing you lots of luck! cant wait to hear how it goes on weds!

oh! and i totally hear you on the becoming-a-junkie issue! i was the same way!!

A said...

I'm not doing IVF so I don't know any good questions but wanted to wish you the best of luck!

Carrie and MJ said...

Isn't it funny how we quickly become old pros with our needle sticking! Wishing you all the luck in the world!

Kristen said...

You ol junkie ho! LOL