Sunday, January 30, 2011

January: Blue

Thanks to S at  for hosting this color photography project  while having new born twins and the cutest toddler on the block! I am not a photography zealot by any means, although I did start out on a box camera of my dad's that took photos in rolls of eight, so you really had to pick your shots  because you only got eight at a time - a far cry from the digital age where you can quite happily snap 100s and not spend a penny on a print. I took these with Susan's six year old  Canon  Digital Rebel EOS. I repeat: I am not a photographer.  I wish I could figure out how to display them beautifully as our host  did but I don't have photo shop and it's late, so here we are.

We have blue and white "christmas lights" all around our living room. We haven't taken them down because they brighten our garden apartment up and Isobel loves them.

Ma "blues" - that's what me and S call our blue crocs!

Blue sideboard still life -  the tall patterned thing that looks like a drum is a percussion instrument that makes a sound  like a little thunder machine

Isobel chillaxin on the couch with one of her books. We read it to her last night. It's a really cute story and it's about Blueberries!!!

I think looking at these photos,  we could say it's a blue and yellow / white theme!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Three Month Birthday, Isobel!

Here are a few recent photos of Isobel which show just what a joy she is to us and how she completely beguiles us with her smiles.

I can't believe it has been such a long time since I posted. I hang out on all your blogs all day via my I Phone and comment when I can, but it's almost impossible to get time to type on a computer with both hands these days.

Now I have about 5 weeks of thoughts all jumbled up in my head and I am wondering what to write.

First of all, I am so happy that Isobel is three months! I don't want to wish the time away  fast but at the same time I really like the fact that she is growing and changing and getting bigger and stronger. She weighs about 11 lbs and a few ounces now and is about 22 inches long. She has learnt to suck on her fingers, to sit up and "dance" - which is really her rocking and rolling while sitting on our laps. In the last few weeks she started cooing and having all sorts of cute things to say. We took her to the church where Susan is doing her internship yesterday and she was a big hit. Especially when she started talking and then hiccuping very loudly during some deep quiet moment. I had to leave the sanctuary for a while with her and while we were gone, the minister prayed for Isobel's hiccups to go away. We got to sit at the front of the church for the children's moment - all these aremilestones which seem so surreal and exciting all at once.

She is pretty happy go lucky - which is a huge complement from yours truly. She is fun and likes to be out and about and experience new things and people. She does not like sleeping by herself and she  is definitely attached to Susan and me. She is not one of those babies that wants to hang by themselves a lot - if there are such babies! She likes to hang on her activity mat and chill for about ten minutes at a time and is starting to play with the toys that are dangling for short periods of time; she is not crazy about her bouncy chair; we spend a lot of time holding her which is of course the best. This week we hope to get a swing to vary her scenery a bit. I am still not able to put her in the moby wrap or Ergo with the infant insert. She hates it and I get upset and take her out immediately when she starts to cry.

We are so happy to see her smile and giggle and watch her eyes light up when she is feeling happy. Susan is the master ( or mistress) of gas relief and has some funny rhymes that she says while she is bouncing Isobel on her lap. The worst times for Isobel are around 5pm onwards when her gas seems to be really bad and she can't relax very much. She has got a really good pair of lungs!

Susan went back to work at the beginning of January after two months plus of blissful family leave and it's now just me and Isobel at home Monday to Friday during the day. We started going to a baby  and me group at a local child development center and I have been feverishly joining Meet Up groups and signing up for play-dates so we have something to do every day or so outside the house. So far we have one play date this week and I am working on some more. We also signed up for Infant Massage class and Baby Sign Language for next month. Apparently being a stay at home mother with an infant is not just about staying at home! Now I am getting to be a pro at driving with Isobel in my car and lugging her seat around I have a new appreciation for the whole drive through idea. I now know where the drive through Starbucks which is a big help to this decaf latte drinking mama.

I am going to close now and try to come back this week for short posts about things I actually think about and cogitate over, rather than this rather run of the mill list of what we are doing. I do actually have deep thoughts about life and mommyhood, it's just they are escaping me now.