Thursday, January 8, 2009

ER does IVF...

So who watched ER tonight? and which ones of you were watching and listening intently to see what the ER fertility/ obygynie/ whatever doc said about Banfield's chances?
I was!
I had a few quibbles with their "science". Not being 100% detail oriented and a bit of an airy fairy air sign I may have missed some of the details, but here goes:
First, she gets a negative pregnancy test and then she sees the Fertility doc and immediately gets and FSH and Estradiol and something else test. Isn't that supposed to be a day three test? How did she get to day three so fast?
Secondly, and this may just be my quibble, her FSH is 13.5 and the doc says she could not possibly do IVF - it would be unethical. The chances are 1% - maybe less? She says that no doc would do an IVF cycle with those numbers? I guess the reason I want to know if this is true is that my FSH was 13.5 this time last year and was 12.5 in the summer. When we went to the RE with those results he looked grave and said my egg reserve was probably low and quality may be low, but I don't remember him saying it was only 1% and it would be unethical to do an IVF cycle. He said we should try one cycle to see how my eggs responded.
Ho hum.
And then there was the whole storyline about the kids who were practically orphans and the older brother sold drugs to take care of his younger brother and we're all thinking: oh she's going to try to adopt the younger kid and forget this whole IVF thing.
And then the obgyn tells her she has plenty of other options and ways to make a family.
Hello!!!!!! double dummy points for being tactless, stating the obvious, and being totally out of order!
So now, as I sit waiting for my period to come on day 3 of no BCPs, I am wondering - what are my chances? If I don't get my period for a few more days what happens? Do I miss the boat on this batch of IVF?
I am going to call the clinic tomorrow and ask them. But if any of you have any advice for me - shoot me a message!
thanks for listening!


luckyduck said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog. My doc says 3 days of strict bed rest then light activity. My sister always did 10 days of strict bed rest. You will need a driver for the egg retrieval, but not necessarily for the transfer.

Good luck

A said...

I haven't done IVF so I don't have any advise, but I hope your RE's office can give you answers and put your mind at ease. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hm. i didnt see ER last night, but i dont think you should let it worry you. listen to your doc, not tv writers. i'm sure he wouldn't let you go through with it if he didn't think you had a good shot at success!

Mommy and Mamita said...

I didn't see ER last night, so I can't comment on it. Your RE should be able to tell you what your chances are -- it will be higher than 1%. 13.5 is a high FSH level but it is not astronomically high and FSH is only one factor in determining success. Other factors are age, success rates of your clinic, and your likely response to stimulation medications, which is unknown at this point.