Friday, August 21, 2009

"She's like a traffic cop with those donors!"

So said the very nice bubbly attorney about the very nice bubbly ( and thankfully very focused ) egg donor coordinator nurse this morning. I was consulting her about the agreement that we are signing with the egg donor. Apparently she has already been to see her lawyer - so that is fantastic! S and I had to sign multiple copies as "intended mother A" and "intended mother B" so now I have those phrases running around in my obsessive little head. The donor and donees get copies without legal names on, but the copies with legal names are held by the lawyers. Something like that. The egg donor is forever known to us as Intended donor Z.
The clinic finally got the "overnighted" package from the egg donor agency this morning and the nice bubbly nurse emailed me to let me know. She is going to call the donor and get things moving ASAP! Thank god I have faith in her. If anyone can get things moving it's her. She has the reputation of being like a traffic cop, which in this instance is a recommendation in my eyes! I think that must mean she gets the job done, she's no nonsense and she directs multiple streams of traffic, right? That would be me and my "cycle" and the donor and her "cycle".
So - it's day three, I had my u/s and b/w in record time this morning and I am hoping and praying that this is the last delay. I start BCPs tonight. The "cyst" has shrunk to 19 mm and will probably disappear with the BCPS. Keep things crossed for me. If we are lucky we might get a tentative schedule next week! And if you see a traffic cop, please thank her!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh and by the way, send the frickin' referral to the clinic would ya

Picture this: A week after the "donor a go go" call.
Me, calling my clinic with news of my most recent BIG accomplishment: somehow I managed to get a period!
The clinic calling me back: "great news about your period. Did you pick a new donor yet?
Me, blood at 200 degrees: DIDWEPICKADONOR? Only about a week ago! What is wrong with these people?!!!!!!! What happened to the donor agency sending the "match" over "right away"?
Still no answer at 11pm tonight, but lo and behold, we get the donor to recipient agreement by e-mail today, too. Does that mean the donor has been to see the lawyer but not the doc? Er, yep! Okay,it's a start but could we please get this show on the road, puhlease!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

donor a go go!!!

Yes, three days later, we finally get the call to say that our new egg donor is on board, and ready to go. Which means she gets to go in to the clinic for testing, see the lawyer and really get the ball rolling. The good news is that she is in school for something medical ( which means she will probably understand all about shots), and is motivated to get the money to help with her tuition - and she is a mom - so she is probably doubly motivated to get this done!!!)
Me, I am on day 5 of provera, waiting to get AF which will probably happen a few days after I finish the pills and then I have to call the third party repro nurse and get instructions about BCPs and maybe even a schedule! I really like her - she is so thorough and explains stuff instead of referring me to the doctor to explain everything like the last one did. I think she really feels badly for me because of what happened with the last donor - so I am going to make sure I take advantage of that in any way I can. ( I know that sounds evil, but I am actually one of the most passive patients you could meet, so it' s not going to look too ugly when I start milking it for all it's worth!)
As for me I took off work today because I am exhausted, depressed and just plain cranky. I feel the weight of the world on my cliche ridden shoulders in my job and I am so desperate for a real live, quiet relaxing beach vacation - I know I know - we were on vacation in June but it involved a lot of driving and was relaxing once we got to Canada for a few days. Once we get our schedule we may be able to at least plan a long weekend away with the doggies at the beach.
S goes back to school in September and is furiously working to finish a paper so after the new semester starts it will be hard to get away.
I think I am going back to bed now.
Feeling like I need a big energy boost and some TLC. ( sob sob, sigh sigh)
I know, the news is good, I need to get over it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little bit mosquito bitten?- with update!

Who knew that malaria would put a spanner ( or a wrench for those of you speaking the vernacular ) in the works for us at this the eleven and three quarters hour? Yup, the donor came back from foreign climes with some kind of case of malaria. i. e. She was exposed at some point and took medication for it. Now we are waiting to hear back from the FDA to see if we can proceed. We should know by Friday. Maybe I will have my period by then - gotta call and schedule u/s and b/w if she stays away much longer . Provera here I come. Strangely I am not mad with her. It just feels like it's part of our self-fulfilling doom and gloom prophecy. say it ain't so!

The donor has been canceled which at least means I don't have to make a difficult decision about what to do next ( i.e. whether to take the risk or not). The donor agency said they would find us someone quick and are supposed to be sending us some profiles to look at today. They said it would not cost us anymore and that this has never happened before. I am waiting to hear from the third party coordinator to find out what the FDA actually said and from my regular nurse to find out if I should fill the Provera Rx she gave me this morning to start my period. Oh and I have a 32mm cyst on one of my ovaries according to the U/S technician who volunteered that information to me. Hmm -was it 32 mmm or cm? or inches???!!!!The visit to the clinic today took over 1.5 hours, and they forgot about me while I was waiting to get my b/w done. Needless to say I was not looking very happy at all by the end of the visit. I am feeling a little more optimistic now though. Another donor to fall in love with again. Ho hum! Onward and upward and please let it be soon!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Come back, Auntie Flo

All is forgiven. You will be welcome with open arms. Please call anytime! I will accept collect calls. I hope you have the right number. It's 1.800.WTF. RUUB. I don't like to beg or plead but it is day 33 and I am getting a little desperate. Don't leave me all alone like this. Please! Flo - are you out there? Is anybody there?