Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a baby or a car?

It just occurred to me while looking on an adoption list-serve ( yes, that's where I hang out now, as well as on TTC websites) that the cost of adopting a baby is about the cost of a car - from a nice hatchback ( $16,000) to a top of the range family car ($30,000) and beyond ( read Hummer). I know this sounds really callous - but it got me thinking. If I was going out to buy a car I probably would not bat an eyelid at signing off on a car payment for that amount. Okay - I would bat maybe two eyelids. My own car was somewhere in the low range. I wonder if there is a company that does zero down and zero % financing on a baby? People keep saying they wonder why adoption is so expensive - me included - and complicated? If you think of it as an investment that will last a lifetime it's kind of cheap really. And a baby is way cuter than a car. And some of them learn to talk and do all kinds of clever things. I guess babies are bad for the environment if you think of all the mountains of "disposable" (sic) diapers there are out in the landfills. But thinking about it in relation to a car payment help me feel a bit better about the expense. It's really not that much when you think about it like that. And no I know I can't just wander into a showroom and get one. Although S does like to talk about hanging out at the fire station and waiting for someone to hand over a baby! I think that's going to be plan B.
There is so much to learn about adoption - and to consider - like do I really want to go there? !!!!
Ho hum!!!!