Saturday, December 27, 2008


Tomorrow we set off back to Illinois - a long trek that is about 500 miles and usually takes us about 12 hours - we like to stop a lot.
I am feeling a little trepidation about the trip - the events of this week have really brought home to me how easy it is to be here one minute and gone the next.
I think I got blaze about the weather and her vagaries, cruelty and unpredictability. Kind of like the sea - beautiful, endless and treacherous.
DP has done much Virgoan ( is that a word) weather and road forecast research. The weather looks good for tomorrow -but I am reminded that as well as the weather we have to be prepared for a**h*le drivers who are in too much of a hurry to care if they tail gate or not.
Oh the melancholy of it all.
I lay in bed last night wondering if a. the roof at home was going to leak and b. a pipe was going to burst as it did last winter when it thawed and ruined our floor and made us nomads for two weeks.
These BC Pills are really kicking my Asselina Jolie.
"they" make me crabbier than an apple, critical, irritable,self-righteous, judgmental and whiny.
I swear I was just plain melancholy before I started taking them.
DP is getting the brunt of it - I ask her to tell me to shut up if I get out of order.
This Monday I call for the injectable meds to be delivered, the week after is when I start them and it's full steam ahead -after endless waiting.
Apart from the excitement of that I am looking for serious adventure - fantasizing about a ski-ing trip ( except I don't think it's a good idea if one is preggers), swimming with dolphins ( and not the usual tourist trap ones either - of course!) trying to get into the Vagina Monologues, doing some serious singing, not working too hard, exercising, losing some of my Extra Hot Grande Ginger Snap Latte fat, sounds like a list of New Years Resolutions.
Which reminds me fondly of my Nanna who was a teeny bit of a hystrionic narcissist - when asked if she was going to make any NY resolutions replied: "Oh, I don't need to make any, dear!"
Signing off for now for good night's sleep and sweet dreams:)


Anonymous said...

hope your travels were safe today!

how exciting to be starting the stims so soon!! im still waiting for my damn period to start so i can begin the bcps. hopefully i wont be too far behind you!

J and D said...

Checking in to see if you made it home ok? We just drove from NYC to Toronto in a blizzard and it was rough. 40 mph and happy to arrive home in one piece.

Unknown said...

I'll be thinking of you as you embark on this chapter of your journey.