Thursday, December 11, 2008

sperm, coffee, tv and milk duds

S and I have been having a relaxing evening in front of the fake gas fire with our dogs, cats and the CCB sperm catalogue on line. I already picked out my favorites for her to vet. Of course she has such good taste that she agreed on all my ratings. But now the more I read the more confused I am. I want someone who is more outgoing than I am, happy-go-lucky, because that is what i aspire to be, artistic, musical and who says a few interesting things about himself. And some kind of european ethnicity that has some matches with my English and S's Croatian, french, scots irish. It's a nice distraction from all the waiting and waiting.
I had my hysterosonogram today. I was told to go in with a full bladder and someone told me- not sure if it was someone on the message boards or the nurse that I would have the test with a full bladder. That is horrific for me. I like to pee on the hour every hour. they moved my test up to 1.45pm from 3pm and before I knew it I was leaving work but before I did that I had to do what I always do before I go out - ( well trained, I know) - pee. So mid pee I remember that I shouldn't be peeing and yikes - stop peeing!
Run out of work to get to the clinic and glug my whole water bottle down on the way and pray that my bladder will be nice and full, because ultra sounds don't lie and they will be able to tell I lied, and the receptionist tells me to go pee in a cup. I tell her that I thought I was supposed to save all my pee for the exam - and tell her about my half pee earlier and she laughs her head off.
So I get to do the cup pee thing, get ready for my exam. No full bladder for the exam after all. All goes smoothly. The RE talks about how he is glad he is not a gynecologist while he is examining me - didn't quite understand what that was all about!!!!
Nurse Perky comes to give me my discharge instructions and I am off to work.
I was planning on taking the rest of the afternoon off, but I felt absolutely fine, no cramps, etc - no room for tea or sympathy there - so I went back to work and told anyone who asked how it went: "yes, I have a uterus and it's lovely!"
I swear I cannot keep any of this secret. It might bite me in the a*s one of these days but for now it's working for me.
anyhoo- bed beckons!
sleep tight everyone!
roll on January and the big day!


Anonymous said...

I had an hsg when we were ttc. It was crazy to see what my tubes looked like. Much different than I imagined, LOL.

S. said...

im glad to hear the procedure wasn't as bad as you feared & that the results were good!

J and D said...

Full bladder u/s the worst thing ever. I screw them up every time! Once I sat in the waiting room CRYING I needed to pee so badly!

I love reading the donor catalogs! D and I also looked for a European (specifically Eastern European) because she is half Serbian. They are kinda hard to come by, aren't they?