Friday, December 12, 2008

A Christmas Confession

I am a Christmas music junkie! If you met me you would never suspect it - I don't do schmultz really - although I love Judy Garland just as much as any self respecting gay boy, so maybe I protest too much. when I am in my car, I surf between two local radio stations that play Christmas music non stop all day. One of them starts before thanksgiving!
the question I ask myself every day is: how many Christmas songs are there? I mean there must be a number somewhere. And how many times a day do they go through the list of Christmas songs and run out of them and start at the beginning again? Today I was driving to work and I heard Josh Groban's "Oh Holy Night" - which I like - I know I know - I am so not cool. then two hours later I get into my car -same station - and it's playing again!!!!did they just get through all the Christmas songs in two hours?
that was fast!!!
I have a digital radio so if I am not sure who is singing I just look at the display. that's how I found out about Josh Groban ( yeah I am a little challenged in the popular culture arena!)
We had our work party today and it was a blast. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant and spending money that we don't really have, we had an amazing potluck in our newly decorated whitewashed brick, ultra modern but kind of old worldly basement office. The table was beautful and simple courtesy of our Martha Stewart home body types, we had way too much good food, we even had wine ( a first for me at work) and of course, yours truly supplied the Christmas music from my I-pod.
My favorite song: Slade: So here it is, Merry Christmas...
Love it love it. Takes me back to England...
No-one here knows that song. Another favorite, the Live Aid: Do they know it's Christmas time at all?
Och well, that's me for tonight.
O holy night, the stars are brightly shining......:)

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Brett said...

After working for years in shops at Christmas i grow to hate the music, but 12 years on I'm starting to get back into it.