Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Brrrrr....

Does every post have to be charming, witty or heartfelt? I don't know - there is a little bit of pressure to do that, but if I stick to that rule I will never write anything!
Today is a blah day. And cold. The house is a mess, S is out studying with other students, I am cold hungry and tired and feeling sorry for myself. I have tons of work to do for work and no inclination whatsoever to do any of it. What a drag. I really am lucky to have a job of course, so I feel bad complaining about the one I' ve got.
Oh and did I mention that the house is a mess? Big time! Motivation = zero!
I still haven't figured out who this blog is aimed at, apart from myself and the bloggers I know out there who I don't know in real life. That means I am not sure how much to disclose about my real life ( as opposed to the fantasy one that I lead here!)
I am still a little shy at talking about my hoo hoo cha cha and what is going on down there - even though that started this whole internet community thing that led me to the blog.
Suffice to say, after being MIA for over two months, AF is back with a vengeance! She is pissed! She is using up all my supplies!
Tomorrow I start BCPs again - not sure what she will think of that!
Then Jan 5th I start sticking myself up good and proper and it's IVF here we come!
Gonna run and make some comfort food for myself - cheese on toast and soup. I think I can manage that.
Ta ta for now!


S. said...

beautiful prose definitely not required to blog ~ i know i wouldn't make the cut if i had to be charming and witty :)

yeah for ivf! isn't it strange to be on bcp in order to conceive?!

Lisa said...

glad we found each other. I look forward to following you on your blog.

tireegal68 said...

thanks Lisa:)
I'm loving the whole new blog world!

Unknown said...

Hi! Sorry about the comments thing - I have to approve them to avoid spam. Best of luck with moving on to IVF. I'll check in on you here.

tireegal68 said...

good to see you, PF - I will be back with more interesting posts shortly!