Thursday, March 18, 2010

All good here:)

I have  good news.
Baby A is doing really well - measuring at about 8 weeks and HB of 176 per minute.
Baby B is visible but with no heartbeat. The doctor says he or she will be  quietly reabsorbed. I have accepted that we're not going to meet Baby B in this world and tried to focus on Baby A.

S is such a great ultrasound supporter. She listens so carefully, asks good questions and really takes up for Baby B when she might be forgotten ( I am picking the feminine pronoun for convenience and out of blatant favoritism. Don't worry I'll be happy to have a boy or a girl!). "Where is she? Are we sure there is no heartbeat? Is that a flicker there?  How big is Baby B?" I guess you could say she is all about the underdog. It tells me again and again what a tender heart S has. And she was really really scared of having twins!

The hematoma is near to Baby B ( who is right by the uterine wall) and the doc isn't worried about it any more. No bleeding for about ten days.  My next ultrasound is in two weeks when we will start tapering the meds. I'll be ten weeks then! On Saturday I'm going to meet a nurse midwife at a new practice. That will be another first for me. To meet a midwife and talk about pregnancy.

I know I sound kind of monotonous and not exciting but I am so beat and have spent the last few nights preparing my taxes. Boy, I thought I had saved a lot of receipts! Not so much. I really hope I get something back from all this - or at least don't owe anything.

The nausea is all day long and accompanied by dry mouth, dizzyness, nasty tastes, indigestion and currently IBS ( which may be unrelated!) Luckily it's not horrible, but it's not fun either. Last night I came home early and slept from 5pm  - 7pm and was so wiped!

I have been reading all of your blogs on my I-phone  but not commenting  much for the past few days  because of my extreme lethargy. Also it's less easy to type on the i-phone as you might know.

I am on a different blog schedule to most of you. I usually only have time to comment on weekends - but the  blogland activity seems to be mostly on weekdays which tells me that some of us are blogging at work?!!! No judgments! If only I could!
So I get behind in the week, then catch up on the weekend then get behind again.
I know, this post is like watching paint dry.
I'm off to prepare a big fat P4 injection.
loves yous!
And thank you all of you for your lovely words of support and solidarity.


Kristen said...

watching paint dry is better than watching drama :)

I don't know what your IBS is like, but I was majorly constipated when pregnant, especially in the beginning. I have no tips for you, just empathy.

Good luck with the midwife

Journey Girl said...

Sorry to hear about Baby B but great news that Baby A is going great guns - I am so happy for you!

I hear you about the exhaustion, I have just had enough energy to get through work at the moment so have not been able to blog much!

All the best!

Fran said...

That's brilliant news petal, I'm sorry about Baby B but we all know it is a tough life even in the womb. All energy on Baby A and don't worry about posting or commenting, from next week onwards I'll be teaching so much it'll be a miracle if I manage some updates! Love, Fran

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

I'm so happy to hear Baby A is doing well. As you know, I had the same short but swet encounter with my own Baby B. It was definitely bittrsweet, the same treatments that gave me my miracle Baby A, showd me a Baby B that probably never would have made it as far as the womb in "natural" life. But I know he was there -- mine was a "he" ;)! -- and I loved him, even briefly. But out Baby As ar such miracles that there is nothing wrong with focusing on the happy.

Hoping to hear ongoing paint dry reports! :)

Schroedinger said...

So wonderful to hear that Baby A is doing great! I am sorry that Baby B is not for this world, but I am glad you are feeling grounded about it.
Oh the joy of taxes!
Good luck dearie :) May you get a fat refund!

Oh yeah, I am totally comenting from work, but in 4 minutes (at 9) I have to start actually working.

rachelbk said...

I am so happy things are going well! I am with you on the nausea and fatigue, I almost fell asleep at a staff meeting Wednesday. And the only way to combat my nausea is to eat constantly. I have officially fallen off the weight watchers wagon.

anofferingoflove said...

who me? blogging at work?! nooo... ;o)

its good to hear an update, ive been wondering how you are! awesome news about baby a - im so happy to hear she is thriving! sounds like you have a wonderful partner to be asking about baby b during your u/s.

Lisa said...

Great news about baby A. Sorry to hear about baby B. I wasn't hungry very much during first trimester but I was thirsty. My favorite thing: Edys Frozen Fruit Bars. Specifically the lemonade. They are sooooooooo good. I also lived on a lot of broth from soups.

A said...

I am so sorry about Baby B. It's still good that Baby A is doing well and I will be thinking of you, Baby A and your family and fingers crossed everything is healthy and happy for the rest of this journey.

BelowAverageAthlete said...

I have been checking your blog for updates! Sorry to hear about Baby B, but very exctied to hear how well Baby A is doing!

victoria said...

I am sorry to hear about Baby B. I hope you find your peace with it in your own time.

That said, Baby A is thriving and that is great news!

Hold on to one day at a time if you can and focus on what "is".

Best When Used By said...

Send sweet prayers for your precious Baby B angel. I'm sure she'll look over her sister or brother.

Hopefully your symptoms will pass or fade soon. It's all part of the journey - and you're doing great!

Melissa said...

YAY what great news about Baby A!! Im so happy and excited for you. I'll send special thoughts Baby B's way.

Hoping you start feeling better and energized soon.

kate said...

Oh, the loveliness of the 5-7 nap! I remember that! I was a total noodle during the early part of pregnancy. My main pregnancy symptom was the utter exhaustion and ability to fall asleep with very little prompting. Ugh, I miss that! Lately, I'm so tired but I'm almost never comfortable enough to sleep...

I am so very sorry that B won't likely be sticking around. It is great that they are giving you such frequent ultrasounds so as to be able to tell whether or not B will make it. My first u/s was a bit early (due to some travel plans), and they said that there were two sacs, but that only one had a pole (?) and the other one wasn't looking so hot. So, possibly twins, but maybe just one. And then they dismissed me with a "see ya in 2 1/2 weeks..."

So, I spent 2 1/2 weeks saying 'maybe', 'kinda twins', 'who knows?', 'one, possibly two'. And when I finally had my second ultrasound, we were on pins and needles wanting to know whether they had both stuck around, and the ultrasound tech acted like we were freaks because she thought it was no big deal. Um, sorry, but it's a BIG DEAL. It's either a normal, uneventful pregnancy which will likely end with a single baby, or an abnormal, complications-likely pregnancy, which will end with TWO babies... huge difference there!

Anyhow, I am so sorry for Baby B, but SO THRILLED about Baby A! Exciting!!

Oh, and as for IBS, I had it pre-pregnancy, and so far, it hasn't gotten much worse than it was. However, I was managing it pretty tightly before pregnancy, and just continued what I was doing-- fiber supplements (psyllium fiber capsules) every night, eating a low-fat/high-fiber diet, and drinking a ton of water. Oh, and avoiding any medications that cause constipation.

As for the nausea, I didn't have any that was pregnancy-related, but generally, a few tricks I have for alleviating the nausea include: a cold cloth on the back of the neck (or on the temples, cheeks, jaw-line pulse points, wrists, etc. Just where ever it feels good.), lemon drop hard candies, a Coca-Cola (if the fizz doesn't bug your stomach), or just sucking on (or sniffing, if the taste bothers you) a slice of citrus, particularly lemon. They aren't cure-alls, but they have gotten me through some times when puking would have been particularly bad.

Anyhow, I hope you feel better soon. The exhaustion does get somewhat better in the second trimester (and I hear the same about the nausea as well). Take it easy, rest, relax and enjoy being knocked up!!

Wishing 4 One said...

So sorry to hear abour Baby B. But so awesome that Baby A is great. Yeah we are close in time I think, I am 8w1d today. I go in for my next ultrasounf March 31st, I will be 9w4d then. Wishing for all to be wonderful for you and for me girl!

Suzy said...

I'm always happy to read an entry - even if you think its boring, its not to us!

Thinking of your wee Baby B, and sending love and strength for Baby A to keep growing like a little champion!

tbean said...

We need to hear from you more often dear! So glad baby a is doing well. And sorry to have lost baby b.

Look at you--you're like a real, honest-to-goodness pregnant lady now! Can you believe it?

cindyhoo2 said...

I did not find this post dull in the least.

Baby A sounds like s/he is growing and developing perfectly. Excellent news! Reading the parts about looking for Baby B on the u/s screen made me sad for you guys and is totally something I can imagine Joey and I doing (heaven forbid).

Sorry about the IBS issue. I also have it and it is a nightmare (pg or not). :)