Saturday, June 6, 2009

the plan ...

I am mending nicely from the fibroid removal surgery- yeah, I know, it's still all about me! Only a little bleeding. My doc wants me to continue lupron and estrace until my U/S on Tuesday and then see where to go next. ( I am hoping for the endometrial biopsy the following week, and the green light for the real cycle!)God I feel like all I talk about is meds and procedures! I have become a chemicalized, automated, wanded infertility patient! Weird!
I was at work the other day in the garden of one of the facilities and I had a deja vu about a phone conversation I had had in that very spot almost exactly a year ago, with my crunchy lesbian clinic about whether to start on clomid or not. I barely hesitated to think about it and said yes. So much has happened since then. It took us almost a year to even get to that point and here we are another year later. In some people's infertility journeys that is just a drop in the bucket I know.
So it turns out that "known" sperm donors and "known" egg donors are not created equally. According to the egg donor service, few if any of the egg donors want to really be "known". The argument is that they are too young to make a decision like that about what they will be willing to do in 18 years. They agree to be contacted about medical issues and to keep in touch about anything that comes up like that, but there is no cosy little meeting with the kid over coffee or anything like that. Our first choice is really against contact except for this medical stuff, our second choice seems a bit more open. We don't want to do Christmas cards or play dates, we just want the option of even some contact to satisfy the wondering kid. So we went with our second choice, who is also mostly European ethnically, blonde and green, has a nice face, nice features and sounds like a philanthropist and a generally decent person. Her famous look a like section says Lisa Loeb ( but blonde). We are happy about this choice. We paid the deposit yesterday and should be ready to go ahead with the rest soon. She is going to Europe in July so we won't be starting the cycle till August, which on the one hand makes me impatient and on the other, is better timing wise for us and gives me a little drug break in between. If all goes well and the doc gives me the go ahead she will be starting testing this month.
Between coordinating all this, talking to insurance and docs and nurses and appointments I feel like I need a personal assistant! Ha ha - that'll be something to laugh about when we have a kid that is keeping us up at night!
S is away visiting her mom and sis and I am taking the time to be a complete and utter slob. I got up so late today ( having gone to bed late, which always happens the first night she is away) and am still wiped from the past week. Luckily the weather is mirroring my mood and is damp and rainy so I don't feel as if I am missing anything outside! I missed my tennis class today - just could not get out of bed.
Anyway - I am rambling! I have lots of housework to do, clothes to fold, floors to sweep and tomorrow I think I am going to have to go to work to catch up on billing. We are going on vacation at the end of June and before then I have to do evaluations for 5 staff, catch up on all my billing, read and sign off on about 75 assessments, observe one staff conduct 15 assessments and deal with all the usual stuff that happens every day too. YIKES - will I be ready for a vacation!
So that's all for now. Feeling a little lonesome...
ta ta!


Best When Used By said...

Thank you, T-gal for always leaving encouraging, supportive comments on my blog. I appreciate it. :)

YOU are one busy woman! Glad you are getting back to normal after your procedure. One obstacle down! Your egg donor sounds like a great choice...interesting and pretty. A break from the meds might be welcome before launching into the whole timing/coordination thing. During my last cycle, I did not notice any side effects from the Lupron at all. Except for the bruise the day I hit a vein. The other day, before starting Lupron, I had a heck of a hot flash - from the BCPs I think. You know, they jerk your menstrual cycle this way and that...on meds, off meds, AF - but only for a couple days, then back on meds again. I can't imagine what my hormones are doing. Some people get wicked headaches from the Lupron. So far I haven't had that experience.

So work, work, work and then you'll be ready for your vacation by the end of the month!

Lizzie said...

oh, my. i wonder if we both were at the same 'crunchy feminist clinic' - that's where i started my journey - and, ah, how wonderful, but what wasted time! :)

excited for you that you have an egg donor and are getting set to go!!! xo

Billy said...

Interesting the difference between known sperm donors and known egg donors!

And cycling in August sounds great, giving you time to recover fully from your surgery (but I know how hard the wait can be).

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are healing nicely after your surgery. Your egg donor sounds great! Your time is coming right up, lady :)

Anonymous said...

interesting info about the difference between egg/sperm donors, i didn't know that. sounds like things are moving right along for ya'll, august will be here in no time!! :D
hope you enjoy your weekend.

MAJ Bryen said...

Hey T Gal! I had fibroid surgery last Jan. For me, they cut me like a Csection. Coughing for the next two weeks was a B&*(^h and I almost passed out when I sneezed. I hope that your surgery was MUCH less invasive (I had 7 fibriods). Good news is I am fibroid free 18 months later! I wish the same for you and we have similar estimated ET dates. Best wishes to you & S

J and D said...

Wow! You've had a lot going on! I'm completely intrigued by your experiences so far with donor eggs.
I'm baffled though. Are woman treated differently because there is a perceived notion that it will be harder for them to deal with donation than a college kid? It's not like an egg donor will produce millions of eggs that could contribute to dozens of children. This whole industry is pretty crazy! I'm glad you found a donor that works for you!