Friday, June 26, 2009

Education, transportation, investigation...

1. Educating the extremely educated.
Last weekend we had three lots of visitors in quick succession. I am happy to report that I was able to educate two of the three parties on the awful truth of the transience of women's fertility. One queer / bi gal -aged thirty -nine is newly in THE relationship of her life with a guy, thinking there might be time to squeeze in a pregnancy or two. I sent her away very optimistically ( after giving her my abridged version of the "eggs get old fast" speech ) with my "taking charge of our fertility" book and my basal thermometer. Those days are over for me - so I wanted to spread the love and pass it around. It felt really good to do that. The second - a 48 yr old queer / bi gal had been told by an ob-gyn that he had just seen a woman of 47 in his office who was pregnant with twins - and hey - anything is possible!!!Oh my blood started boiling when I heard that. Fortunately she wanted to hear the "eggs get old fast" ( the longer version) speech and went away feeling more informed and realistic. I told her I thought if she still wanted to give it a shot she could at least get some day three testing to see what that said. It makes me so mad when people do that "exception to the rule thing" - if you have seen "he's just not that into you" you know what I mean. You know the - well my cousin thought she was infertile and she and her husband could not have kids and then she started eating papaya and she had triplets at 45! And you know the sad part of this - both of these women are highly educated, smart, intelligent, wonderful women and they did not really know the truth about fertility! Or infertility.
2.Transferring the sperm to BBBF
Yesterday I got up really early to go in for an U/S and B/W and to pick up a nitrogen tank from the new clinic (BBBF) to transport the sperm that was still stored at my old clinic to the new one. Even doing something like this was exciting for us ( S. came along for the second half of the ride) and felt so momentous! There has been so much waiting and wondering and lots of small painfully slow parts to this - so any action for us is a big big deal. Especially when we get to do stuff together.
3.Donor testing
Today I got a call from the third party coordinator ( as in third party reproduction - which is what donor eggs comes under) to say that they had been working with our donor because they figured out she was going to be out of town in July and they wanted to get the testing done before she leaves. That way if she does not qualify after testing we can start with another. I had been hoping that was going to happen but was not really driving the whole thing like I had wanted to. Fortunately for me the clinic is taking this whole thing seriously and moving on it. The coordinator told me that the donor was really excited about the whole process, is really nice and that she had passed the u/s and ovarian reserve testing with flying colors and they were just waiting for the results of the STD screening which takes about two weeks. So we have an appointment to officially start the third party process and sign papers when we get back from vacation and all being well we will be starting the cycle for real in August. My doc says my uterus is healing well from the myomectomy and he wants me to have a period and then do one more cycle of suppression and estrogen just to make sure everything is fine. So I am on my fifth day of provera and hoping Ms. AF comes soon. I am so psyched - I can hardly believe it!!! I am so hoping this will work for us! We might have a May 2010 baby after all!!!
So that's the news from here. I will try to post more often. I have been MIA for too long. Thanks for all your support and thanks for commenting - it really makes a difference.
(I have been a bad commenter lately as I was working so hard to get ready for vacation but now I am on vacation I will have more time for fun things like blogging and commenting)


Anonymous said...

wow, thats great your clinic is being so pro-active and getting the donor in for all of her tests. im so excited for ya'll - i cant wait for august!!

cindyhoo2 said...

THings sound like they are beginning to pan out for you guys. Yay! The way your donor cycle works sounds pretty different from mine so I am interested in all the details.

I also feel like I am on a mission to tell women the truth about age, fertility and m/c.... things I wish I had known anout 3 years sooner!!

BTW: I did notice that you have been MIA both as a poster and a commenter. You will need to do some sort of pennance.... maybe more frequent posts or some vaca pics would suffice. ;) Glad you are back.

Clare said...

Good luck with the next cycle! Hope AF arrives soon so you can get started!

Happy ICLW

Billy said...

That is so exciting!! Hope you get your perdiod soon.

Kristen said...

wow I've been gone for a long time! I didn't know you were going this route. Sounds crazy making for sure. Hope you are enjoying your vacation :)

Best When Used By said...

First, I'm glad you're finally relaxing on your vacation! I know you were looking forward to it for a long time. As for educating our "aging" female friends, I try to do the same thing (without inspiring panic). You're right, most women know very little about their fertility window, or that it WILL eventually close! Great news about the donor! I'm really hoping you can start on the med cycle in a few weeks and be ready to go in August! It's really exciting to start counting down the time. :)

Molly said...

I've been on Provera for a year now, and everything is like clockwork, which is good. Well, the period bit; I'm not 100% certain if the ovulation bit is going, but that's for the doctors to figure out.

Anyway, just wanted to wish you the best of luck!
- Molly