Monday, June 1, 2009

All went well!

I am home resting in bed having been taken care of by wonderful doctors and nurses and family members - you know who you are and I really appreciate you.
It is odd being taken care of so completely for a few hours that a nurse even held my blanket for me while I was walking with my IV from the pre-op room to the operating room. I almost felt like a child being taken care of by her mother again. That and the drugs - very comforting.
I can't say enough nice things about the staff. I had read a review on-line about the place just before I left for the center that said "I won't go back there, the staff is unfriendly" and I was a little trepidatious! ( Is that a word?)
I also managed to complete my will and advance directives this weekend so I feel I have accomplished quite a bit!
Thanks to all for your well-wishes - it means so much to me! And thanks for the advice on the donors. Having thought about it over the past couple of days we have decided to go for known for both donors. So I am waiting to hear back from the donor service to see if the alternates we picked are available.
Now I just have to e-mail my doc and ask him if the trial cycle is still on. For some reason I forgot to ask him. I guess he needed to see what was going on "in there" before he decided.
ta ta for now!
my poor honey is sleeping next to me and is exhausted from a busy weekend and worrying about me!


Mommy and Mamita said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well and that you are continuing to move forward with the process. I hope you have a swift recovery.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that all went well. You sound very chipper :) Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Missy said...

Happy to hear the surgery went well.

Anonymous said...

yay! glad to hear the surgery went well and that you have been appropriately cared for and pampered. i've got my fingers crossed for you that the cycle is still ON!

Best When Used By said...

I am glad all went well with your procedure and that they were so nice to you - the medical staff (I sort of knew your family would be nice!). Let's hope your donor selections are available and you can get the trial cycle up and running! I am so excited for you guys that THIS IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!!

Jaymee said...

so happy to hear that all went well, and that you were well taken care of.

wishing you the best in moving forward!

Billy said...

Glad to hear it all went well.

K said...

Sounds like all went as well as could be expected - yay! Rest up and take good care of yourself.

P11 said...

Lucky you!