Thursday, April 30, 2009

poll on the worst things people say!

Hi bloggers!
I made a poll about the most irritating / annoying / upsetting things people say to us because we are IF / TTC/ experiencing loss. etc.
Vote and then tell me here if you have any other priceless ones!
Gotta pass the time between appointments / two week wait / paying credit card bills!


Anonymous said...

fun poll! the ones that got under my skin the most were the "you can have my kids" and "maybe you weren't meant to have kids" comments. my poor sweet partner, those comments would send me into a rage for hours!

Anonymous said...

Effing people...

A said...

I hate the adoption question.

twotiredoc said...

"Which one of you will be the mother?" is quite annoying. And my obvious answer is always, "We both will." A lesbian asked, "Which of you will be pregnant?" and that too irked me for some reason that I still haven't put a finger on. The first is definitely the worst of the two!

Unknown said...

How about this one: Why don't you let Kenya be the one to try since she is younger.

That one really burned my ass!!!

Lisa said...

1. It will happen when the time is right.

2. It will happen on God's time.

3. Have you gotten checked to make sure everything is okay? (no, i just fucken shoot thousands of dollars each month up my vagina for shits and giggles).

4. Just relax

5. OMG, you spend that much money on sperm, you should just pick up a guy at the bar and sleep with him. (right, because sleeping with random untested people is exactly what I want to do. I wasn't a slut in college so why would i be at age 30. Not to mention, isn't that considered cheating? If your husband couldn't provide you with sperm, do you think he would be okay with going out to bars and sleeping with random men?)

6. One coworker actually in all seriousness offered me her husband.

7. You should try to lose some weight (said by my darling SIL).

8. Well I just hope I can give mom some real grandchildren (said by Danielle's sister)

9. You have plenty of time. (Really because all research states my chances go down the older I get).

tireegal68 said...

WOW - Lisa - you have had way too many people say way too much S.@#T to you!
Those people sound like the ones who told me to pick some guy up in a bar to marry when I needed to get my green card!
Sure, it's a felony and I could get deported, but why not?!!!

Jill said...

I said all of the above, because O.M.G! Some people really need to learn how to shut the hell up!

heatherj said...

they are all awful. Lisa I LMAO at your response to number 3 I know what you mean and I hope you actually said that.

Best When Used By said...

So many ignorant, rude, thoughtless comments. I have to say my jaw dropped at Lisa's # 8 about "real" grandchildren. Great. Even if we eventually succeed with all of this, none of it will be "real"?

Fat Chick said...

My coworker was unhappy because her insurance is in WI and mine is in IL (we were in different offices). IL has state-mandated IF coverage, so I have great insurance. She had crap. She said, "Why do you have fertility coverage? You're SINGLE. It's optional for you!"

Another one that really ticked me off: Another coworker told me that I'll be the next Octomom, but that's ok because she'll adopt one of my kids. I think she expected me to say thanks.