Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From two points of light to Isobel- with pics

One year ago today, two tiny bundles of cells were transfered into my uterus.
not the real thing, but looking like a little meteor!

I didn't see the points of light flash on the ultrasound screen, but Susan did, and I imagined them as I had seen our single fresh embryo transfer in December 2009. I was re-reading that post and I am so glad that I wrote about it because without it, the details are sketchy.
I know it is a cliche, but I can't believe the difference a year makes. To think that Isobel grew from one of those tiny embryos and came out looking so light filled and perfect is really amazing.
Isobel newly born on 10/17/2010

It isn't because I did anything special or right or had good ju ju - I think it's just random. Because how else could one ofour dear blog friends' turtles be so very sick after all they have been through. They are beautiful, good, sweet people and they have endured some of the worst that IF and Loss has to offer. Please go over and give them some support, hugs, prayers, hold their hands and make that little turtle better fast!

Yesterday I took Isobel to see my therapist, who I have been seeing since 2003.  We were reminiscing about the first time I went to see her and almost the first words out of my mouth were, "I want to have a baby". From those first words, through ambivalence, to the imaginings, to optimism, struggles and finally to Isobel. A long 7 years. So glad to be this side of those years. And looking at this light bright face everyday.

Isobel on 2/5/2011

And now I have a crying Isobel  to tend to.


insertmetaphor said...

Happy transfer day! Isobel's light has shined all the way over here even though I've never met her. You can feel it through you.

victoria said...

It is funny that a cliche becomes a cliche for a reason in that there is some kernel of truth, something reflected in reality.

I agree, wholeheartedly, in what a difference a year makes.

K said...

Could you ever have imagined when you were laying on the transfer table a year ago...

She is just beautiful, Claire. I'm so glad you found each other at last.

Lifeslurper said...

You know, it probably was about a year ago that I looked up into the night sky and saw a meteor shooting across the horizon. It was breath takingly beautiful! Now I know what becomes of all of those bright wonders of our universe! They become beings destined to light up lives. Wow! This is Isobel and she is amazing to behold!

LS x

anofferingoflove said...

happy (belated) transfer-versary! what an amazing journey.

isn't it wild they go from a tiny ball of cells to a living and breathing and thinking child in just 12 months' time?? still blows my mind!

she is absolutely beautiful. ♥ ♥

Project Baby said...

What a gorgeous girl! Thanks for sharing your story, very inspirational.

pleasantlyfurious said...

I'm so happy you are on this side of the journey, too. She's gorgeous!

We have Angel Wings said...

She's beautiful! :)

Celia said...

That is lovely. I often think of IUI day, and the shimmering vial that held what would become Peter. So much hope and so many prayers in one small vial.

Suzy said...

It is just a miracle, isnt it? An absolute gorgeous miracle xxxx