Monday, November 30, 2009

Transfer tomorrow:) and the beginnings of baby controversies!

Last I heard on Saturday there were 13 embryos still growing!!! Woo hoo!!! I love you, beautiful egg donor! And sperm donor, you are just wonderful too!!!
Today I heard that the transfer is at 10.40 am tomorrow, December 1st,  and I have to arrive at 9.40am in order to sit and drink a whole bottle of water to fill my bladder. Sure, it's the LEAST I can do!
No-one told me how many embryos there are or how they are choosing the ones to transfer.
At this point I feel like I am on a conveyor belt and I really need to get the guts up to call them back and ask about the embryos. Which I am about to do.
So I just called - the lab people are gone for the day, but the doctor will review everything with me before the transfer - I feel a bit more reassured that they are actually interested in  me and the embryos. I know they are, I just wish they would be a bit more forthcoming with information!!! How do I know what to expect - I have never done it before:)
So I am excited, if slightly annoyed at the big business baby factory for being so cursory in their communications.
So then I decided it is probably a good idea to make sure I know what I should and shouldn't be eating - as I will be Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise (PUPO)  starting tomorrow. I have to admit I have paid scant attention to any of this stuff- because- you know - I was never even close to being pregnant before. I think I have uncovered a controversy in babyland - it's called - "everyone has an opinion about everything and it's up to you to figure out what to do"!!!! And that's just on the soft cheese issue! ( I  know, I know - you all figured it out before me - but it just hit me that getting pregnant - while the hard part  - has been largely uncontroversial  if rather painful for me).  I mean maybe because after a short foray into "natural" (sic) baby-making I gave myself up to the fertility doctor gods and just did what they told me it has not been controversial. When you tell people IRL about fertility stuff, either they are so gob-smacked at what you are telling them that they don't have an opinion, can't even uncross their eyes from all the fertility secrets you have just told them about - or they feel so sorry for you that they don't dare tell you what they really think, i.e. how dare you mess with nature? why would you spend that much money on a baby when there are millions of unwanted ( by all the fertile couples) babies in the world languishing in orphanages, or don't you know that lesbians are only supposed to have babies with their heterosexual husbands who they then leave? I could ask them why they would spend $30,000 on a car, which is an inanimate object that will rust and crumple in at least the next ten years? But I digress.....
My point is- get ready for controversy, people! ( Oh, I forgot, you already know about it - it's me that is clueless!!!!) Diapers, birth plans, sleeping, etc etc. Of course I will embrace these controversies with an eager spirit and a willing heart - but YIKES!!!
By the way I'll let you know when I figure out these things - and I 'll send you the list of fool-proof do's and dont's so you don't have to go through it:)
I will keep you all posted.  After the transfer I am hanging out on the couch and taking it easy for a day or two -my clinic does not recommend bed-rest ( and you know I do everything they tell me to do)- but I am off work for a week, so my stress levels should be about 300% less than normal!
Thanks for all your support! Big time fingers crossed!xoxoxoxoooxxxxooxoxoxox


Anonymous said...

tomorrow!!!Very excited for you. In my experience I wasn't given any embie info either until I met the doctor the day of. They reviewed embryo quality with me, how many fell into the three categories and talked again about whether I wanted to have 1 or 2 transferred. If you have a couple of good quality you might find they tell you your chance of twins is quite high - something to think about.
They picked the best ones for transfer then let the others grow to the end of the day to see if there were any that would reach freezing criteria.
so excited for you to be pupo!!!! Have you decided if you are going to test before your beta and when?

GIsen said...

At least you know what to expect in the way of controversy and motherhood. I too didn't know about all the lobbyist for EVERY segment of mothering.

Just relax and concentrate on getting it in the oven first and then a full bake:)

MAJ Bryen said...

so excited for you!!! Best wishes on a great cycle!

luckyduck said...

sending lots of sticky sticky babydust your way. I am thinking of you!

Schroedinger said...

Yipee! So excited for you! I am sending all my sticky thoughts your way. As for the controversies, let 'em rip. Just get back to us with a bullet-pointed list when you figure it all out. (I was just out with some pregnant lesbians who informed me that peanut butter and raspberry jelly were just two of the otherwise innocuous looking but potentially lethal items an unwary mother-in-waiting could consume.) It's a wonder that we've managed to populate the earth with all these lurking dangers!

Anonymous said...


anofferingoflove said...

ooohh, i am SOOOO excited that transfer day is here, at last!! i'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending piles and piles of sticky vibes your way! its great you've taken the week off from work - relax and let those embies snuggle in!

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

AHHHHH! SO exciting! 13 beautiful embies!! Do you know how many you're planning on transferring? I totally know what you mean about being on a conveyor belt -- once you've been at this long enough, you can't live and die with every appt and decision, it would have killed our spirits long ago. You hit a point where you just say "OK, you're the expert, do with me what you will."

So, Mr. RE - do with tireegal what you will and make her a beautiful PUPO!


Best When Used By said...

Well, look at you! Happier-go-lucky than I've ever seen you! I LOVE it and I'm tickled pink (or blue!) for you!

Not that you asked for my 2 cents, but I agree wholeheartedly with your decision to "lie low" for a few days after the transfer. My RE said nothing proves that lying on your back works magic, but it certainly can't hurt! Let those embies rest in peaceful solitude for a few days.

I hope you enjoy your transfer experience as much as I did. That might be a weird thing to say (some people are incredibly stressed during it), but knowing I was about to get pregnant made it the most joyous experience for me - despite the U/S gizmo pressing down on top of a full bladder!

Yes, I am sure they will present you with a photo of your embies and discuss them with you and offer their recommendations.

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you and sending you thoughts and prayers for a successful procedure!

Kristen said...

woot woot!!

Illanare said...

As I write this, you are probably feeling very full in the bladder area :-)

Wishing you all the very best for a successful transfer and sending lots of embryo-sticking thoughts across the sea to you.

Fran said...

THe big day has come!! I will kep everything crossed for a smooth transfer, did you have a mock transfer done?

LOL for the heterosexual husband!! I thought the idea was to have a baby with a gay was that just in the eighties or never actually happened?

Much much love, Fran

C said...

Wishing you all the best! I hope everything went well today :)

Lisa said...

Claire- I could hear the excitement in your voice as you typed and I read. I'm so rooting for you over here girl with my biggest pom poms on. I can't believe the time has finally come. Good luck with the transfer. I'll look forward to reading a bfp along with Carrie and MJ's in a few days.

xoxoxo Lisa

tbean said...

ROCK ON! Can't wait for the update! You are officially PUPO!

Anonymous said...

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