Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slight hiccup

I have been missing in words for over a week but I have been busy in deeds.
Busy shooting myself up with Lupron, taking Estrace, DHA and multi-vitamins, picking an egg donor, getting blood-work done, having ultra-sounds up the wazoo! Planning the intricacies of this trial "GEEP"cycle and figuring out how to get it all done and still go on vacation at the end of June.
We picked an egg donor that is new to the egg donor program ( which makes it cheaper )is very young and already has a child. She is from a part of the former Yugoslavia ( as is one side of Susan's family) She has coloring similar to mine ( the sperm donor has Susan's coloring). All very exciting and the idea that we are so close to the prize is tantalizing. We breezed through our interview with the psychologist ( who turned out to be an old friend of my extended family!) and she informed us that it's really hard to flunk a GEEP cycle, which put my mind at ease. I have become more comfortable at the new clinic and I like the nurse who I am working with. Even the phlebotomists have figured out how to get blood out of my veins, which is not a small accomplishment. All is well!
So where's the hiccup? It's called a fibroid and it's in the cavity of my uterus. I knew I had fibroids, but I had always heard that they were in the wall of my uterus, and would not interfere with implantation. Today at my saline sonogram the doctor spotted one a bit smaller than an inch around that was hanging in there and that he said would act like an IUD and prevent implantation. The word surgery was mentioned. I imagined the myomectomy that one of my favorite blogger friends had that sounded really painful and with a long recovery. It turns out I am lucky in that this surgery is minimally invasive. They give me general anasthesia, go in through my hoo hoo cha cha, snip the fibroid, go out again and in a day I am up and about. The really really sad part of this is that when I heard about the idea of surgery I was hoping that I would get a bit of extra sick time out of it. All that tells you is that my job is so ridiculously stressful that I am looking for any excuse for a day off - with some good drugs of course!
I told Susan optimistically that we better get our wills written before I go under! It is something we have been procrastinating about and now we have a reason to get our butts in gear. I know, I am morbid. I take after my mum. What can I say?
At first when I heard about the fibroid and the surgery I was so bummed out. Not another delay! I need to get pregnant and have this baby quick while I have my insurance and have my ridiculously stressful job and while I can still stick it out.
I still don't know what this means for the GEEP cycle, but the nurse is supposed to call me tomorrow and tell me what to do. For now I am continuing the meds. I told them I can come ANY DAY for the surgery - just get me in soon!!! I have decided that even if the cycle screws with my vacation I am still going on vacation. I need one goddammit and after all, sometimes life has to come before babies.
So that's how things are going in my neck of the woods, how about you?


Lizzie said...

I hope the surgery doesn't delay things too much. And I'm so glad it is minimally invasive. Thinking of you. The rest of it sounds so exciting, choosing the donor, yay!

Anonymous said...

my partner had surgery like that (for a polyp) and it was relatively easy. she relaxed the rest of the day, thanks to the drugs, and was up and moving again the next. hope yours is easy too.

congrats on picking an egg donor, that must make it feel all the more real! :)

Pufferfish said...

Two steps up, one step back..I'm glad you picked the egg donor, but that's too bad about the surgery. The good news is at least they found it and you can have it easily fixed.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the fibroids, but glad you don't have to have the myomectomy (groan). Things are moving along. Yay!

cindyhoo2 said...

I am so pleased that you got to pick your egg donor already and that most things are swimming along. I do hate that you found the fibroid though and will have to have surgery. That sucks.

But I must say that when you get excited about the idea of surgery because you might get a few days off.... you NEED a vacation, seriously. Do you think your RE would write an extra day or so into your time off note? I think it's worth a shot and I would totally do it!

On the upside, I am glad they found the fibroid before the FET, but it still sucks that you have one.

You asked me about my use of the word kerfuffle a few posts ago. I can't say where or when I found that word but I absolutely love it. I am something of a word nerd and I collect words that make me happy or that I find particularly pleasant. For some reason, kerfuffle falls into that category for me. :)

Best When Used By said...

TG! So good to hear from you again! I had been wondering how you were doing. You HAVE been busy. Excellent news about the egg donor.

I have to hand it to you, taking the news of the polyp and surgery in stride and referring to it as a hiccup. I'd be a mess about it. I hope the procedure and your recovery go perfectly.

You definitely sound like you need that vacation. One thing I learned after being laid off by an employer for whom I worked my ass off for, suffered, struggled and gave my have to put your own needs first because no one else will do it for you, yet you know they (the company) will always take care of their own needs. This is your life. Do what you need to do for you.

Good luck!

Lisa said...

Thinking about you chicky. Sometimes i think the journey makes the end results all worthwhile. Glad you got the egg donor and sperm donor picked out. You are on your way.