Monday, February 2, 2009

the credit goes to stairlanding...

I found her on blogs of note and like her blog a lot. I borrowed these two blog ideas and hope you will join in too.....

1. Fourth Annual Bloggers Silent Poetry Reading. Post your poem, (your own or another's) today.


Her breast is fit for pearls,
But I was not a 'Diver'-
Her brow is fit for thrones
But I have not a crest.
Her heart is fit for home-
I -a Sparrow- build there
Sweet twigs and twine
My perennial nest.

Emily Dickinson

2. Meme meme me!

Use the first letter of your name to find a word for each of the following:

Your name: Claire

Four letter word: care

Boy name: Carys

Girl name: Caroline

Occupation: chanteuse

Color: chartreuse

Beverage: claret

Something found in a bathroom: cotton buds

A Place: cote d'azur

Reason for being late: chatty neighbor

Food: cream cheese

Something you shout: come on!


A said...

Only 12 days left until your appointment!!! I'm very excited for you and I hope this new RE is aggressive and gets a good plan in place. I can't wait to get an update!! Good Luck!

CyberSue said...

Love you, sweetheart!