Monday, June 11, 2012

Weighing in on a cerclage

Hi Internets. I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog silence to ask if you can help my wonderful friend
It Is What it Is on a humdinger of a question that she is currently struggling with.

If you read the post ( and the one before it, which is linked in the post) you will know that she is considering ( and by considering I mean doing the most diligent research, talking to her doctors, soul searching and contemplating ) the necessity of a cerclage for her  new(ish)  tender pregnancy. For the pregnancy that produced her adorable and wonderful son who is now five years old, she was on bedrest and had a cerclage placed.

And now, this precious pregnancy that she is nurturing  is her hoped for and dreamed for second child. The one beautiful miracle that completes her family and the one she has been waiting for for since she started trying for a second child just after her son was born.

If you have any experience regarding the decision of to cerclage or to not cerclage, please go over and read her posts and then send her your wisdom as well as  your thoughts and hopes for a very strong and long and steady cervix for the rest of her pregnancy.

I know she will appreciate your experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you!

PS Coming soon - one of those posts that are not so popular in these parts of the blogosphere, but which help me stay connected to the progress of my daughter's growing up.


It Is What It Is said...

Thank you so much. As I mentioned to Sprogblogger, I got a surprise follow-up call from the peri yesterday. He wanted to see how I processed the info from our appt on Friday and to answer my myriad questions. I thought I'd come to a decision and communicated that to him but this morning am already vacillating. I want to be prudent and informed without deciding solely based on fear.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about cerclages, but best wishes to your friend. Also wanted to say that all of your posts are welcomed and appreciated. Can't wait for your update! :)