Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guest Post-The Other Mommy

Isobel and her favorite Dickey Bird

First high chair!

Pretty in pink
Today we celebrated Isobel's 7-month birthday with the purchase of new summer clothes and her first high chair, which she loves!  Isobel is nearly ready to crawl. She is more adept at manipulating her toys and playing with them. She strains for the remote control and could very well be a techno-baby!  Issie sits up pretty well now, and loves to play ball. She's trying out various foods, but so far has NOT found a favorite. She tends to growl at her strawberries!

Her two new bottom teeth are very, very sharp, and she knows how to use them!  Her hair is growing longer and it has a beautiful strawberry blonde sheen to it. Isobel loves people and has a winning smile and giggle. She's a very patient baby, as babies go. We are so lucky!  We fall in love with her more and more each day.


CJ said...

She is ridiculously cute!! I have the same high chair at work!! Love all the photos!

Illanare said...

She's just adorable!

pleasantlyfurious said...

High chairs are very exciting! Leo loves to sit, snack on cereal or fruit and watch me cook. Let's me get so much more done!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! The TV remote control was the very item that finally got Scout to crawl across the floor! He still loves to get his hands on it.

Happy 7 months, Isobel! You are a lucky little girl!

Suzy said...

oh that second photo....LOVE!