Sunday, April 17, 2011

half a year of Isobel!

Yes, our daughter, Isobel is six month's old today. It amazes me. It seems as if we have been her mums for a long time and also  for a few seconds.
As I have been a lax blogger I will tell you what Isobel is doing right now and you can fill in the gaps ( or I will).
We have a daughter who sleeps. It is a miracle and a work in progress. I never ever understood why moms went on and on about sleep and naps so much. Honestly, I thought they were just obsessed. I would read people's endless Facebook updates about it and think I would never be like that. I am. Just.Like. That.
It all started when Isobel stopped doing that newborn thing of falling asleep whenever. We could be anywhere and she would nod off. Usually she was resting on a warm person when it happened. She did not much like to sleep away from a warm body but she did eventually get used to her co sleeper crib. I think it happened about 3.5 months that I became aware that she would get crabby and she would be wide awake and it eventually occurred to me that she might be tired and might need help getting to sleep. I won't bore you all with the details, but we read bits of the No Cry Sleep Solution, we instituted a more obvious bedtime routine involving a bath and bedtime music really, and we started putting her down for naps when we thought she was tired. It took many times of getting up and soothing her and putting her down again but as I write this, she is asleep in our bedroom ( in our bed, but that's another story!) and we are sitting around like grown ups. She naps twice a day - we do the 2 ,3, 4 thing to a certain extent - first nap 2 hours after waking, second one three after waking from the first nap, bedtime four hours after waking from the second one. More or less. I put her to sleep, make no mistake. I do not let her cry, or leave her until she is asleep. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes, sometimes 30, but I have the luxury of being able to put the time in and I actually enjoy it. One of these days she will put herself to sleep but for now I am okay with how things are.
In non sleep related news, Isobel is rolling over, rocking and rolling on our laps, standing when we hold her up, trying very hard to crawl, but not getting very far. When she is on the floor she moves her body all around in a circle from her hips but does not go forward or backward. She is endlessly engaged with new people and things and smiles at just about everybody, and makes even grumpy people smile. She can sit up for about 30 seconds by herself and she loves to be upright with whatever help we give her. In the bath tub she splashes like mad and smiles and gets herself all riled up. She loves chewing on Sophie and her raspberry teether. In the mornings she and Susan sit on the couch and Susan spills her toy box out in front of her so she can pick what she is interested in. She likes to blow raspberries on our shoulders and tummies and we love to blow raspberries on her feet.  She is so happy in the mornings when she wakes up, a time that I am not usually very excited about anything but it's too hard not to respond to her giggles and smiles.

I leave you with some pictures of our dear sweet precious Isobel. Happy half birthday, Isobel!


luckyduck said...

What a very pretty baby!

Fran said...

She is so so beautiful my friend. Honestly. Delighted she has found a routine for sleeping time and you are doing great. You know we have Sophie the giraffe too!!

Carrie and MJ said...

SIX MONTHS!!! How did that happen? We are coming up on the same milestone in a couple of weeks! Isobel is absolutely stunning. So glad you are enjoying her so much. Here's to the next six months!

Trinity said...

She just gets sweeter and more beautiful as she grows! Love those sunny faces! Happy 6 months, Isobel!

I am refusing to fret over the sleep thing...but sometimes there is a crack in my resolve and I start to wonder if I am setting my babe up for some wicked sleep habits. When I tell people that Arlo still wakes 2-3 times a night, everyone gives me an overtly pitying "Oooh yuck, I'm sooo sorry!" But I don't mind it--I don't get the big deal. Whatevs! We do what works for us, right?

Happy to hear an update, lady! Take care!

insertmetaphor said...

Wow - 6 months! She's such s happy looking, beautiful baby! I love how happy you ALL sound!

glamcookie said...

Happy half-birthday, Isobel and Mamas! You are so lucky with the sleep thing. She is beautiful :)