Sunday, February 28, 2010

A reprieve!

Thank you all so much for your helpful, inspiring and hopeful comments. I feel a little bit like a nervous nelly drama queen when I compare the amount of blood ( not lots) to the amount of fear and anxiety that it produced in me. I knew you could do it. In fact, it took all my strength to call the doctor first and then to ask for help on my blog!!!So thank you all for being so kind and refraining from telling me what a baby I am. I have not bled since yesterday night and that all seemed to be left over from the one scary event.

I rested all day yesterday - in bed and on the couch, read blogs and then watched the Big Chill on the computer while poor S. read and walked dogs and ministered to me. I really feel guilty when this happens because she is so over-worked and stressed herself. I had never seen that movie - but it popped up on our Netflix queue and arrived unexpectedly so I figured why not? Interesting. Slow. Usually I like those kinds of movies, but I had to stop myself thinking "why do I care about these people?" and stopping half way through - which also happens a lot with the books I pick to read recently. It's like that Peggy Lee song I love so much: "Is that all there is?"

I mostly rested today too - S. walked the dogs and did the outside stuff and I worked on a presentation for tomorrow at work ( yuk!!!!) - and as usual made a big fat meal out of it and took four hours preparing a twenty minute presentation! Why oh why? So things are getting back to "normal" and I realize that in the scheme of things this is a tiny tiny event but scary nevertheless.

My plan is to call my nurse tomorrow morning and talk to her before scheduling an earlier ultra-sound. I am working late tomorrow and going in late, so I don't want to be traipsing down to the clinic when I could be chilling and then have to go put in 9 hours after that.
Hopefully we will decide what to do next together, but if I don't have any more bleeding I am inclined to wait till Friday when it's already scheduled so I can talk to the doc as well; we are scheduled to meet him then too. No big symptoms apart from indigestion and thirst -I have been trying to drink lots of water - it's hard!

On another note, I can't believe how many women have been getting their BFPs around the same time as a I did ( or vice versa!). Maybe it's always like this but I generally don't notice. I have picked up quite a few new blog friends (waving) and I need to get them in my blog list and my reader so I don't loose touch. It occurs to me that blog-land is a little like the internets - there is no end of the internets and there is no end of blog-land - it just keeps going and going - for eternity. And there's a lot to read!

I am pondering the transition from non pregnant IF-er to pregnant IF-er but that is a post for another day. I know that this is not unusual and that just about every IF-er who has got pregnant has had to pause for a while to figure out how to make the transition. Right now I feel like I'm teetering between the two and will be relieved to have a good ultra-sound.

My boss returns from vacation tomorrow so the mice will be back to their work and away from their play ( boo!) I am trying hard to prepare to protect myself from another onslaught of stuff to do at work and also to figure out how to protect my family's interests when the subject of maternity leave (sic) AKA short term disability/ FMLA comes up along with the whole "are you coming back" question.

Happy end of the weekend!


Malea said...

Congrats on reaching a place of peace again. Isn't it funny you worry about never getting pregnant then you get pregnant then you worry it won't last.

I'm praying the worry is over and the joy starts and last.

BelowAverageAthlete said...

So glad that the bleeding has stopped! Whew!

Carrie and MJ said...

Glad to hear that all seems well for now. We'll be looking forward to your good ultrasound results this week. Stick baby(ies), stick!

wizllama said...

Claire, sending you many warm thoughts and prayers. Take it easy t'mrow at work. It's only work, you know! Taking care of yourself if sooo much more important!!

rachelbk said...

Try to sit with your feet up at work as much as you can. I bought an ottoman for my office just for that purpose.
I'm glad the episode seems to have passed!

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Yay for feeling better! Is it possible you can squeak in for a quickie u/s tomorrow without having to cancel your appt on Friday? When I had bleeding, they let me do that. Hope all continues great this week through a spectacular appt on Friday!

anofferingoflove said...

so glad to hear the bleeding has stopped. hope you can get in for an early u/s; ill continue thinking of you 'til then. ((()))

jenicini said...

It's incredibly scary. I started spotting yesterday which made me absolutely terrified. I know it happens, but it doesn't make it any better. I'm glad you are doing better!

C said...

Let S take care of you. You two are in this together. I had a hard time letting my H take care of me, but it's the best thing you can do.

Spotting and bleeding are soooooo scary, especially after everything we've had to go through to get to this point. Take care of yourself.


donna bean said...

gosh, I haven't read your blog in a little while and just wanted to send you good thoughts and hope the bleeding stays away.


Best When Used By said...

Sorry I missed the bleeding post. But I am SO glad you've not had any more. I had a little episode like that too early on, and I freaked - got a Dr.'s appointment THAT VERY HOUR, rushed over like a maniac, on the verge of tears in the waiting room....and all was fine, baby's heart beat ticking steadily away. I think a little spotting happens to a lot of us, and it's SO normal to fear the worst. So kudos to you for keeping your head about you, and I'm sure all will be fine with you too!