Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears." - Barbara Johnson

I went in for an ultrasound and saline sonogram this morning.
It was painful but the results were good: on day 16 of my cycle ( yes, apparently I am still cycling albeit with poor quality eggs if any eggs at all) my lining is 10 and I have one follicle - yeah - just when I least expected it I have a follicle - it's small - I think 13mm by 16mm but it's there. It's a moot point really as we won't be using my eggs anyway. But it hadn't really occurred to me that despite all the drugs I have been taking my body still apparently has its own natural rhythms.
The bad news - it's not really bad - but it relates to the title of my post - everything looks good, but he wants to see me in a week for another U/S and B/W and consult. More waiting.
Cut to me lying on the table with legs waving in the air forgetting to ask - so what's the plan about the trial cycle?
Oh and my insurance company apparently has to see current day three testing results to affirm that I am indeed infertile which slows things down again. Day three testing without any meds to clock my lousy FSH and Estradiol levels. I am, as I said earlier, on day 16. I know I should not be bitching because the rest of the world does not get to have their insurance company cover any of this and I should just be grateful and put a sock in it. But still. I am officially stripping my gears.


Best When Used By said...

I'm so sorry that there is more waiting you have to do. I imagine you just want to scream, "Can we just DO this already?!" But, for the moment, another week to wait. I hope the insurance issue won't take too long. The good news is that you make a fantastic, thick lining! And when your waiting is done, there will be a nice, cushy place for the embies to snuggle into.

J and D said...

That sucks that you have to wait more. You're right that a lot of people do not have the luck of being covered but at the same time don't you think insurance companies are an evil pain in the arse? Even when you HAVE the coverage it's so hard to get money from them without jumping through hoops and argueing your case!!! SOOOOO annoying! It took us MONTHS to get the insurance on our side and it was only for $800 worth of injectables!!!

Anonymous said...

thats a wonderful quote to sum up the frustration of the many waits while ttc. sorry you are being forced to wait a bit longer.

sounds like you've got some nice, fluffy lining making abilities - what a great sign for success! :)

Anonymous said...

Waiting is so so difficult. I'm sorry things aren't moving faster for you, but I'm sure you WILL get there. I'll be over here, willing time to move faster for you! {{{}}}

Billy said...

Arg the waiting.. so difficult, all these waitings.

CyberSue said...

and I don't like all that emotional and hormonal "jerking around" that's going on. So disruptive to any kind of forward thinking. But we'll move ahead, gears locked and engaged!

K said...

Ugh, the waiting and the bureaucracy is enough to drive a person insane. Sorry to hear you're stuck in the mud at the moment. Great news on your lining though!

Anonymous said...

You can complain about delays regardless of who is paying, it doesn't make it less frustrating - just less financially draining.
I think it is interesting that you need to proof infertility. Who would go through this if they didn't have to?? Seriously.
Glad to hear the cycle is going well so far - FX that there are no more delays.

Anonymous said...

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