Sunday, February 10, 2013

Honoring Caemon

Caemon, even though I never met you and I only know your moms Timaree and Jodi 
slightly through the vastness of blog land, I also know you through the intimacy of a smaller group of bloggers that I have been on the periphery of for some time. So even though we don't know each other, I feel compelled to post about you and put up this candle placeholder from An offering of love.
Like so many others, I will miss your sweet smile and joyful spirit. I miss the life that you could have had, but that was taken from you by cancer. I am so sorry that you had to go so soon and leave your dear moms,  and all the hundreds of loving followers you have. You fought so hard. Your moms fought so hard. You are a valiant little guy and I love you and miss you too.
In honor of you, Caemon, I am participating ( a little late) in the week  / or weeks of blog silence. Life does not go on. Life stops for a while. We pause for Caemon. We take deep breaths and say prayers and wonder at this huge loss that we have all suffered.
Sweet dreams, Caemon. Fly Free.
Stop by and send your moms a message of love and reassurance while they grieve so hard.
With love,